e6-d7 Short Maltese Film

A film directed and edited by James Moffett. This film won “Best Editing Award” in the National Film Competition 2010 hosted by Malta Cine Circle.


It’s a 21 minute short action film which I really liked. We made an interview with James about his project and future plans.


Why did you make this project?


As part of my final year for the B.Communciations (Hons) course at the University of Malta, I had to present a thesis. For this, I decided to produce a 20-minute short film. The story specifically focuses on an invisible antagonist - and to show how the audience can understand his character without actually seeing him. So the story relied very much on the voice and other physical representations.


How much time and money did you spend on this project?


Overall, from the time I began writing the script till the last day of editing, the whole process took close to a year to complete (11 months to be precisce). The budget came close to 500 euro as the costs had to cover mainly food and fuel expenses for the cast and crew.




If you’ll make this project all over again, would you change anything?


Although I'm satisfied with the overall product of the film, I would still change some things. Probably the most significant change would be the way the antagonist presents himself - making him more of a threat with even less visual presence. The less the better!




What do you think about short films in Malta?


I think that there is alot of talent amongst Maltese filmmakers who are really capable of developing fascinating projects. The quality of the films has dramatically increased over the last several years and I have no doubt that we will be seeing many more short films of such high standards.




Are there any future plans?


I am currently working on a script for another short film. This time, I shall be focusing more on a character-driven story with just one location and two actors. I hope to create a hope and fear drama in just a few minutes and with as little dialogue as possible.


Watch E6-D7: