Wied Qirda

The short film 'Wied Qirda', is an adaptation of the classic poem written by Dun Karm. This short film shows how in this same location various events have happened. The same valley where the Maltese stereotypical girl was working, was the same location where an ambush took place and the Maltese won the battle against the French.

In this adaptation, modern costumes where used in order to give the story a modern look with the original message remaining the same. This project was done as part of the Mcast BA (hons) in Media Production Btec curriculum in collaboration with the Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Malti with the direction, filming and editing of Anthea Rizzo and music by Aleandro Spiteri with the help of Luca Spiteri. From the musical aspect, the film score, which compliments the clip astonishingly, contains a piano accompanied by an orchestra. The musical composer, Aleandro Spiteri, 14, tried to keep a balance between classical and modern sounds, and hence create a bridge between traditional compositions and modern ones.