The Science of Ironman

Can we build an Iron Man? Is Tony Stark’s technology science fact or fiction? Modern science is nearing the point where an Iron Man suit can be made. The science of Iron Man aims to provide insight into the real life science and technology of how the armoured suit multiplies Stark’s strength giving him amazing abilities like flying long distances at supersonic speeds and emitting force beams which knock down his opponents.

Ever since Stan Lee created Iron Man back in the 1960s, Marvel’s Golden Crusader has captured the imagination of the young and the young at heart. Sci-fi film researcher Justin Camilleri will go head to head with scientists David Pace and James Ciarlo to find out how modern-day technology can be used to create a suit of armour similar to the one Stark made. The speakers will also delve into how Iron Man stories stimulate learning through fun, direct, and parallel comparisons of comic book science fiction with modern science which can inspire children to take up science as a future career.

To spice up the evening there will also be a massive Iron Man quiz, where audience members can win prizes and Eden Cinema tickets to the 3D screening of Iron Man 3. So quiz participants keep your eyes open on the Iron Man clues! For bookings call on 99454066 or email

This event coincides with the Iron Man 50th anniversary and ahead of the Iron Man 3 Midnight Screening on Wednesday 1st May at Eden Cinemas.


Science of Iron Man Malta