The Hobbit Discussion

In anticipation of the forthcoming second Hobbit film in local cinemas, Euro Media Forum, DESA in conjunction with Eden Cinemas are organising a Hobbit Lord of the Rings Presentation and Discussion at the KSU common room University of Malta. Entrance is Euro 10 and covers pies, pizza and soft drinks.

From that famous opening sentence: In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit… and the rest, as they say is history. 75 years later The Hobbit still holds a treasured position in the canon of children’s literature. With that single line alone, readers were instantly hooked as they became immersed in a new world namely Middle Earth. A land which became famous the world over for The Shire, happy go-lucky Hobbits, the wise wizard Gandalf, trolls, dwarfs, orcs, Gollum’s “precious” and of course the most famous Hobbit of them all, Bilbo Baggins.

Thus, from Tolkien’s ten words on a blank page, the high-end bestselling Fantasy novel epic was born. For more information regarding the event please smsl 99454066, email or log in