Talk: Andrea Lodovichetti


Andrea Lodovichetti, a film maker winner from major film festivals, including the Golden Globe Award 2009, talks with MaltaFilmIcon about his inspiration, experience, constraints, and future projects.


1) In which country were your movies filmed?


So far, I filmed all my stuff in Italy. Actually I’ve got a couple of full length projects and a short. Features in USA, and short in UK or, maybe, in Italy. It’s a short about a futuristic world (2074) so maybe we’ll build everything in stages. Cinecittà, maybe? Pinewood Studios in London? Really don’t know, yet. We’ll see… !


2) As a director what do you look for in films?


I’m usually looking for a great story and emotion. Not a certain kind of story. You can write an emotional plot by starting from a picture, a song, a scene you’ve seen by the street when you were waiting for the tube. You just need to capture the feeling, the character, a look. And it’s on you. It depends on your creativity and fantasy. Eyes open, every time: we live passively tons of stories everyday. We need to cut part of those stories, memorize them; then elaborate them and make something new with them: pieces of different stories that could become something new, that didn’t exist before: one story, your story.


3) Can you share with us some of your experiences and limitations while working in films?


I made 7 shorts, and most of them have been awarded in a lot of film festivals worldwide. My last short, “UNDER MY GARDEN” is one of the most awarded and screened Italian short movie ever: 150 festival and about 50 awards all around the world; included Golden Globe 2009 and the “looking for genius prize” at Babelgum Film Festival (headed by Spike Lee, held in Cannes in 2008). I’m so proud of it (and of them), ‘cause because of them, my name is actually not totally unknown in the silent-world of emerging film-makers! I never stop working hard that way. I’m really busy with promoting me and my work. It’s a big part of life, for the emerging directors: you can not wait that someone will get you. You have to find a way in order to let producers find you. It’s not easy. But nothing is. As Stanley Kubrick said: Icaro’s story doesn’t mean that we cannot fly. But it means that we need to set up stronger wings.


Limitation, usually, is the budget (and it usually happens for indep. shorts). When you don’t have budget you have to find a way out. I never gave up because of that. No money? Ok. You need a stronger script: necessity is the mother of invention, isn’t it?


4) Do you think short movies or feature films are still an effective tool to send out messages to individuals/groups/societies?


Shorts are a kind of business card. If you made shorts, won award, you’ve been selected in festivals… well, this is a great way to let the people know you and you “vision”. Unfortunately, you can not pay the bills with shorts, ‘cause there’s no market for them. Something good happens in France, but generally it’s not that easy. Shorts could be a proof that you can be able to get to the feature-world and mainstream-cinema industry. This is not only my opinion, this is my true hope!


5) Any future projects?


Tons of. I’m moving to USA to try to find a way there. I’ve got some contacts and maybe we can set up something together. As I use to say: in my dreams, I don’t spare expense!


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Andrea Lodovichetti was born in Fano (Italy) in 1976. Graduated in Film Directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – National Shool of Cinema in Rome, since 2005 is assistant director for Paolo Sorrentino (movies: “L’amico di famiglia” -a.k.a. “The family friend”- and “Il Divo”). Winner of the “looking for Genius prize” at Babelgum Online Film Festival (headed by Spike Lee, Cannes, 2008), He is the co-founder together with Luca Caprara of Lobecafilm.