Star Trek Event

Star Trek event - A Voyage into how Star Trek changed Science and popular culture forever - Free Entrance

Euro Media Forum, Science is Culture and Eden Cinemas are organising the first ever Star Trek event on Monday 13th May at 6.30 p.m. at Europe House – 254, St Paul Street, Valletta. Ever since Gene Roddenberry’s TV series debuted in 1966, Star Trek has entered popular culture and ignited scientists’ imagination like a supernova. Few would have predicted that Captain James T. Kirk, Spock and the adventures of the starship Enterprise would attain the status of modern myth. Can we travel at warp speed? Is the U.S.S Enterprise transporter technology science fact or fiction? The Star Trek event aims to provide an insight into the real life science and technology of the series and how a generation of technologists who embraced the show in the 1960s, with its vast array of wondrous gadgets had an active role in bringing those gadgets to reality in the 1990s and now.

Film researcher Justin Camilleri and Scientist David Pace will boldly go where Star Trek has gone and beyond to find out how modern-day technology can create some of the gadgets used in Star Trek and how the series has left its impact all over the world. The speakers will also delve into how the Star Trek stories stimulate learning through fun, direct, and parallel comparisons of modern science and science fiction with which one can inspire children to take up science as a future career.

To spice up the evening there will also be a massive Star Trek quiz, where audience members can win prizes and Eden Cinema tickets to the 3D screening of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 15th. So quiz participants keep your eyes open on the Iron Man clues! For bookings call on 99454066 or email