Source Filmmaking

We are a very limited country and in film making we need a lot more training and experience. The problem that I noticed in film making is that it takes a lot of time to prepare for filming and to create shots. From my past filming experiences I've noticed that during filming, actors and the entire cast starts to get impatient due to the fact that the production team looks not prepared. This is because during filming there are many elements that makes the filming very difficult. Example, when there is sound recording it is very difficult to get a clear sound. This is because our country suffers from noise pollution and everywhere you go there is unwanted noise. Also our country suffers from unwanted light. The weather is 'never' overcast which makes it extremely difficult to film in certain hours. Also there is the budget problem. We don't have the tools to try certain shots and increase our experience.


What if there are virtual actors in a virtual world? What if these assets can be accessed from our homes at any time? I think it would be a new experience, were one can try and combine different shots. It would definitely improve our filming, editing skills and having a professional outcome.


One can argue that these tools already exist like 3Ds max, Cinema 4D, Poser etc but they need a lot of work and training experience to start using the software in the first place. When me, my brother Melchior Vella Cesare and Nathaniel Cesare were teens we used to make movies with the game 'The Movies'. 


It is a very easy and fun technique to create short stories with little effort. In those times there were  active forums with different people submitting their short stories and believe me, they were pretty good. The problem is that there is no full control on the filming shots.

"Source Filmmaker" is the ideal product to create and experience new filming shots. The director has full control on the shots and editing. This is a whole new experience that I've been looking for years! Before filming, I can try different angles and shots in this virtual world and I would know all the possible shots and decide which is better to create the best outcome. This product can also be used to train oneself and use this knowledge in future works.


This is a must product for all Maltese film makers!


The following video is created with "Source Filmmaker". Enjoy.