Screening of Bolibar (1928)

Following the successful screening of Tell England (1931), the Malta Film Commission this time in collaboration with St Philip’s Band Club of Haz-Zebbug will be screening the 1928 film Bolibar. As part of the run-up to the European Film Awards being held in Malta on the 1st of December, the screening of Bolibar is sure to be of huge interest to all film buffs in particular silent film aficionados.

Set in Spain in 1812 during Napoleon’s Peninsular Campaign, the story follows the Marquis of Bolibar. After being driven from his home by the French invaders, he conspires with the Spanish leaders to re-enter his town and indicate to them through signals the best method of recapturing it. He is caught and shot, but fate decrees that the executioners themselves unwittingly give the signals, which the dead Marquis had agreed on.

Filmed partly in Malta in Haz-Zebbug and in Mdina, the film also features thousands of Maltese extras. With all the action being set in a fortified Spanish town, it is understandable that Mdina’s fortifications were a perfect fit, and the beautiful square and the church parvis of Haz-Zebbug were the ideal location to set the town square. Directed by Walter Summers, the film stars Elissa Landi who went on to become a very famous actress in the US.

The film will be accompanied by a Live Piano score performed by well-known pianist Frank Bonnici who will provide musical background to underscore the narrative on the screen. The film will be screened on the Saturday, 24th November at 7pm at the St. Philip’s Band Club, Zebbug. Entrance is free of charge, but prior registration is required in view of seating restrictions. For further information and to book your seat please send an email to

Source: Malta Film Commission