Production Shaders - CG Effects

Today we are going to talk about 3D CG effects and how one can render realistic objects in real environments using production shaders in mental ray.

Before you start reading this article, there’s one thing that you should know about me. I only studied 3D software as a hobbyist and never took any courses. My main study is software development so I don’t know all the details in the CG world. Ok let’s start…

Well the story begins back in 2009 when I’ve attended one of Paul Camilleri’s 3Ds Max sessions. In that session he showed us a very cool technique called production shaders in Mental Ray.

You might ask, what’s mental ray? Well in short, mental ray is a render engine for 3D software like Maya and 3Ds Max. I’ve only used it in 3Ds Max and the rendering outcome is amazing.

Anyway, in that session he showed us this video which focuses on how to match light with 3D objects. (Yes I’ve managed to find it!).

Later that year I’ve decided to try that effect. I’ve bought two chrome balls from Ebay, installed 3Ds Max 2009, took some photos of my room, watched couple of tutorials and rendered the final image.