Nuit Blanche Short Film

Today we are going to talk with Arev Manoukian, the director of the short film Nuit Blanche.


The film is set in 1950's were a man catches the gaze of a woman in a cafe across the street and nothing can hold them back.


Watch here:


He told us that:


The actors were shot in a green screen studio in Toronto. All the street environments and sets were created digitally in post-production with matte paintings of still photographs taken in Paris and Toronto.

Pre-production took a few months of part-time work as we created an animated pre-viz and did numerous visual effects tests.

The challenging part was that we had to create almost everything. There was a huge volume of assets, from wet streets to 3d leaves and cars to make. But the hardest was trying to figure out how the main effects should look. After breaking real glass at over 2000 frames per second on set we realized that it will never look the way we want. We had to create and animate the glass in 3d. The visual effects took about 8 months of work with Marc-Andre Gray as the main visual effects artist. It was a grueling process but it was a pleasure to do because we were very passionate about the project.

For 3d we used Maya and Mental Ray, 3ds Max and Vray. For compositing we used After Effects. The matte paintings were done in photoshop and mapped in 3d. Editing was very simple as we only had about 24 shots. We used Adobe Premiere as it integrates very well with After Effects. Our computer was a first generation dual-core Athlon running windows XP. It is now considered an antique but we still use it!