My Europe Film Festival

Euro Media Forum, in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Malta are co-organising the second edition of My Europe Film Festival taking place on Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th of April at Europe House, 254, St Paul Street, Valletta at 7 p.m.

Europe is being watched from many different points of view, by many different kinds of people. They are all using the terms “Europe” respectively “European” – but what do they mean? Many people have images, thoughts, ideals, critiques and opinions on what the term “Europe” means and what it is for them.

The My Europe Film Festival brings forth the themes that Europe is without borders. It is an opportunity for exchange, sharing and inspiring but also a challenge for defending identities and cultures. My Europe describes a travelling experience, a cross-over through European dimensions, understandings and perspectives of people from all walks of life.

My Europe Film Festival is a film contest that encourages people from all countries, be they artistes and filmmakers, to reflect and create their views and opinions on a vision of Europe. The film contest seeks to promote discussion about different views and visions on Europe and to raise awareness for short films on a Europe-wide level. Through the promotion of short films, far beyond their country of origin, contacts can be initialised between professionals in the film promotion/festival and art house cinema sector whilst providing a platform to encourage short film distribution from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
The film festival presents two different film theme programmes on the two April dates. On Thursday the 11th April the programme entitled Living in Europe tells stories about a meeting through time and cultures, on bringing together characters, traditions, expectation, about authenticity and particularities. On Friday 12th of April the theme is Politics and Policies. These short films make a statement about borders, conflicts and diplomacy, decisions, consequences, confrontations and compromises.

If the films screened are not explicitly about Europe, the European dimension comes out of the comparison of stories, conflicts and topics. In the end there should be a colourful picture of Our Europe. This is the film festival where the audience is given the opportunity to vote on the winning film that will receive the Audience Award at the award ceremony held in June 2013 in Berlin. Entrance is free on both festival nights. For bookings please email or text to 99454066, or log in 

Local Maltese filmmakers are encouraged to submit their own short films for the next edition of My Europe Film Festival. For more information email on

This event is being done in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Malta.