1)  How long did it take to complete this short? 

Concluding this short film wasn't an easy task at all. Mainly because the production team was a group of 18 to 20 years old. However considering all the work involved, pre-production took about 3 weeks to accomplish, whilst the 5 days of shooting (12 hours each day) were followed by a 5months of post-production. Post was the toughest hurdle to overcome, as we had to create an artistic element which we don't normally see in real-life. However after several attempts and discussions, we were able to wrap up this whole journey, in total of approximately 6months. Obviously, the work couldn't have been done on a full time basis, mainly because we're still students.

2)  Can you share with us some of your experiences and limitations while working in films?

The biggest issue one has to face when working on these kind of productions, is lack of budget.However this is something we (as Maltese film makers) have to understand.Personally, we do sometimes consider it as an advantage, because the lack of budget enables our mind to think much harder to get our imagination out onto the screen.Trying to work under these circumstances lead to a higher rate of new experiences one can get when producing any production of this kind. In the end, thanks to all the help we managed to find from sponsors and contributors, we are glad of having concluded this project successfully.The fact that we were able to aim for the same goal and understand our limitations; as in lack of professional equipment and lack of experiences in working for high budget productions, makes us aware that there is always room for improvement, however one must always keep on aiming higher.

3)  As a director what do you look for in films?

Once there is a fault in an element, say its camera movement, lighting, acting, set design, scripting etc., in my opinion the standard of the film is immediately reduced. So, what I look for in films is a high standard in all departments which helps you watch the film without even feeling it's actually a film. Unfortunately enough, that's something we, as local film-makers have to work much harder on to achieve a good level. But, there's nothing impossible. 

4)  Any future projects? 

Once one is in this field, there's no way of returning back.  Yes, there are many projects which one has to focus on and eventually produce. However, the ultimate wish is to have the ability of working on a full-time basis in this industry with a decent payment. But once again, that's something which seems a bit far for now in our local industry.
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