Maria Assumpta School Project

Dance Maria Assumpta School Project

Back in December, Maria Assumpta School unveiled a music video, called "Merry Christmas," on YouTube. And now, the School Project has released another video online – “Dance”. Check it out below.

"Merry Christmas" was composed during music lessons as a collective effort between students and music teacher Mark Cachia. "Dance" was written and composed for the screen by Mark Cachia. Recording, filming and editing were also done in-house.

The Maria Assumpta School Project profile states that “Stage tradition and performing arts are an ongoing part of our school's extra-curricular activities. This is how Maria Assumpta Girls is known with the general public and our students are quite comfortable with this image. With a staff that is as enthusiastic as the students about stage production, there is always something in the pipeline at school, ideas are always brewing. Well, this is us as we would like to present ourselves..."

Source: YouTube