Interview -Mark Buchanan

An interview with Mark Buchanan - Director and Producer of the film "The Search".


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What's the real message behind this film?


It's about loneliness. Fusing a man's pursuit for a personal connection against the backdrop of SETI's grand quest for contact with extra-terrestrials.


In my opinion Matt Berry really had done a good job. Matt Berry is a comedian on 'The IT Crowd'. Was this movie filmed before he was famous on this show or after?


The Search was filmed before the most recent series of The IT Crowd and was already well-established in that show. I knew from the outset that I wanted to cast against type and Matt was committed to delivering on what was required.  I chose the long shot at the beginning to show the stillness of the character right of the bat, and if there was any tittering initially, it was quickly dispelled which allowed the film to forge ahead on it's own terms. I'm very proud of Matt's work on this.


Any future projects?


I have another short called Man On Mars that's ready to go if anyone was to offer me the money to do so (The Search was funded entirely on a credit card). I also have two features in the works. The first is a Sci-Fi piece called The Leap about humankind's disastrous first attempt at sending humans to our nearest star, the second is based on a true story, an infamous event that took place a few miles from where I grew up. I'm not formally attached to that project as of yet, but I really want to do it as it's an incredible story. I'm also developing various projects with Gregor Barclay and Colin Bell who founded Phase VI with me. This year, Colin's directing a short film called Tempo based on his own screenplay, while Gregor is tackling his first feature film, The Green Man which will be a lean-and-mean microbudget production.