Id-Dawl tal-Hajja

We are pleased to announce that our latest production 'Id-Dawl tal-Hajja' (The Light of Life) is available online. Peter Borg plays the main lead. His performance is magnetic, mysterious, and sympathetic. This short film is directed by Roderick and Melchior Vella Cesare. Check out the video below.

Plot: From the beginning of life, the human being is dominated by two major forces: the Light and the Dark, intertwined with moral truths: good and evil. The answer to the question of why good and evil exists, confronts our life’s journey. The human psyche may or may not understand good and evil. Man’s choices are influenced by this regard, from beginning till end.

ISPIRAZZJONI is a non-profit organisation founded by Roderick and Melchior Vella Cesare, with the mission of creating independent short films based in Malta (Europe) for local and international market.


Peter Borg Id-Dawl tal-Hajja Roderick Melchior Vella Cesare