Malta Film Icon talks with director Chris Zarb of Rokna

1) What are you trying to express with this short film?

I intended to do a short film that feels like a slice of this hunter's life and the relationship with his dog. It is told in the spirit of a documentary so people can experience this lifestyle. So it was about capturing the lifestyle and not about the story itself.

2) How much time and money did you spend on this project?

We spent two days filming it. The first day was from 5:00am-8:30pm and the second was a full morning and afternoon. That is excluding the opening shots (which took about three mornings to shoot) and once I edited a first draft we had to go back on location and re-shoot two short takes (this took about one hour); so in total about 35 hours.

3) What kind of technology did you use?

I used the Canon 7D and a number of specific lenses.

4) Would you change anything if you’ll make this project all over again?

It's a bit too early for me to answer this question... some more time needs to pass so that I can re-watch it with fresh eyes.

5) Are there any future plans?

Yes, currently I'm busy working on a large project for a professional services firm, (half of which has been completed and launched). I am also working on another short film and a promo video for an upcoming mezzo soprano. However my most important project is through a film production company I set up with Paul Preca Trapani with the name Dragonfly Films Ltd. This company will be producing a feature film which we hope to complete next year. I wrote the screenplay and will be directing it. At the moment we are working on putting in place the financing of the film.