INTERVIEW: Marlon Caruana

Malta Film Icon talks with film-maker Marlon Caruana about his silent short 'Tucker'

1) How did you come up with this idea?

It was Peppina; the pet of my cousin Christian who stimulated my inspiration. I decided to write a true story to keep the memory of that special dog which was much more special for my cousin, which was a great friend after he had lost his parents in few months before.

2) Were filming locations difficult to find? How was the casting?

Yes it is. Nowadays I think that drama is not just writing a story and find any person to act your character which you invented.

3) Is it difficult to film animals?

To find a trained dog, for sure you have to find the trainer, and that's what I did for the role of Tucker. I had to find a puppy for puppy Tucker and another trained dog to play the role of the crucial intentions of the story.

4) What was the total time of production?

It took almost two months to shoot all scenes. The problem always is that you have to find a date that all involved actors and those who help behind the scenes are available.

5) You are one of the most active short film makers in Malta. What are your future plans?

I was one of the most active short film makers; that's the truth! At the moment I am a bit passive and this does not mean that my passion in videography is finished. I am almost thirty three years, a dad of two and I have to use my time much more wisely. Future plans in filming are not clear right now... probably an interesting documentary.