Hitman Movie Reboot

I’ve been a big fan of the “Hitman”(Agent 47) game series since the beginning. I really love the stealth and the storyline of cloning and assassination behind it.

Then in 2007 I was waiting eagerly for the film but I was very disappointed. Timothy Olyphant interpreted “Agent 47” very well but the storyline deviated from the gameplay style. Agent 47 was interpreted as a Jackie Chan and James Bond super Rambo assassin. Erm..Agent 47 in the game is a stealth nonromantic assassin.

Today comes word that the studio is planning to reboot the franchise. The new movie is called "Agent 47" and has Paul Walker (Fast Five) starring as the title character. WHAT?? PAUL WALKER??? ARE THE PRODUCERS CRAZY??! Paul Walker doesn’t resemble Agent 47 at all!!! Let's hope for the best...








You can compare the genres by watching the videos below.

This is the character of Hitman in the game


This is the character of Hitman in the film


Well the difference is evident... Let's hope for the best