Halloween Horror Festival

Euro Media Forum and The Mdina Dungeons present Halloween Horror Festival: House of Wax and an American Werewolf in London Film Presentation and discussion at Mdina Dungeons on Wednesday October 30th and Thursday October 31st.

This will differ from the customary film discussion event in several ways. First, it is themed to coincide with the nights of Halloween and its Eve – so weird and wonderful costumes are invited and indeed encouraged. The best three horror costumes will be rewarded with prizes! Secondly, this will be the first time the Mdina Dungeons will be the backdrop for this horror festival – and there is nowhere more apt, nor more atmospheric. Walk through halls of wax works and dark corridors, as echoing screams mingle with bumps in the night, and classic film-villains come to life on the silver screen.

In the spirit of the setting, kicking off the two day film event will be André de Toth’s House of Wax (1953). Watch as Vincent Price guides us through the gruesome exhibits. Speaker Dr Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone, along with moderator David Pace, will be discussing the film’s place within the ‘wax museum’ and ‘mad artist’ subgenres of horror, and horror’s long fascination with figures possessing an uncanny lifelikeness.

Thursday is werewolves’ film night, as John Landis’s 1981 cult classic An American Werewolf in London comes alive so watch your backs from a chilling bite in the neck which might change your life forever. The speakers will delve into how the nocturnal monster’s particular association with the ‘autumn moon’ makes it a natural Halloween film favourite. With a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Makeup, American Werewolf in London set a new standard for transformation scenes. The discussion will also focus on the significance of transformation and hybridity within horror, and will take into account other films within the werewolf ‘canon’.

The speakers promise an interesting debate and the audience is invited to participate and put forward to the panel their questions, curiosities and observations.

On every night there will also be a Halloween horror film quiz, with the opportunity to win great prizes. So quiz participants keep your eyes open for clues! Limited seating is available. Price of tickets is 10 euros including the spooky visit to the Mdina Dungeons, pies and a glass of wine. For ticket bookings please email euromediaforum@gmail.com or send an sms to 99454066, or log in http://www.facebook.com/Euro.Media.Forum