Future Film Making


Scientists all over the world are working to unlock the mysteries of the brain. But a recent study published in Current Biology may give filmmakers a new tool to create films in the future.


In the study, researchers placed people in MRI scanners and showed them movie trailers. Their brain activity was recorded and then, with the use of computers and custom software, scientists attempted to recreate the image a person was viewing. And the results are remarkable.


Watch the video below to see these results. And while the images are still very crude, there is clearly a future in this research. And while that future is still about 30 years away, scientists will be able to see what people are dreaming and let us communicate with coma patients and stroke victims.


But on top of having medical applications, this technology can also potentially be used to make films. Instead of spending $300 million and several years to create the world of Pandora in "Avatar," director James Cameron may one day simply imagine that world, as a computer creates those images on screen.







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