Fourth German Film Festival

The German-Maltese Circle presents the 4th German Film Festival. It is going to take place between 21 and 25th November. All films will be screened at the Saint James Cavalier. All films are in German with subtitles in English. Tickets are at €3.

Barbara (14)

Director: Christian Petzold, colour, 108 min., 2012

Awards: Silver Bear (Best Direction) Berlin 2012, German Film Award 2012 (Best Film: Silver)

Nominated Best European Film, Best European Actress

The summer of 1980. Barbara, a doctor, has applied for an exit visa from the GDR. She is arrested and after her release transferred from Berlin to a small hospital out in the country, far away from everything, while Jörg, her lover from the West, is already planning her escape via the Baltic Sea.

Barbara waits. The new apartment, the neighbours, summertime, the countryside – none of that means anything to her anymore. Working as a paediatric surgeon under her new boss Andre, she is attentive when it comes to the patients, but quite distanced towards her colleagues. Her future, she feels, is to begin later. But Andre confuses her. His confidence in her professional abilities, his caring attitude, his smile. As the day of her planned escape quickly approaches, Barbara starts to lose control. Over herself, over her plans, over love.

Opening Night:  Wednesday, 21st November at 19.00 hours                          

Second Show: Friday, 23rd November at 19.00hrs

Almanya - Welcome to Germany (12)

(Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland)   

Director: Yasemin Samdereli, colour, 95 min., 2009-2011

Awards: German Film Award 2011 (Best Film: Silver, Best Screenplay), White Elephant Children's Media Award 2011 (Best Child Actor)

“Who or what am I really: German or Turkish?” This is what six-year-old Cenk Yilmaz asks himself when neither his Turkish nor his German schoolmates choose him for their football team. To cheer him up a little, his 22-year-old cousin Canan tells him the story of her grandfather Hüseyin, who came to Germany in the early 1960s as a “guest worker” and later fetched his wife and children so they could be in “Almanya” with him. Much time has elapsed since then, and Germany has long since become the family’s home.

But one evening Hüseyin surprises his loved ones with the news that he has bought a house in Turkey and wants to take everyone back “home” with him. But what is "home"? Although all family members struggle with this question in their own way, Hüseyin refuses to take no for an answer and so they have no choice, but to set off for Turkey. It’s the beginning of a journey full of memories, arguments and reconciliations – until the family outing takes an unexpected turn.....

First Show: Thursday, 22nd November at 19.00hrs

Second Show: Sunday, 24th November at 21.15hrs

Cracks in the Shell (18)       

(Die Unsichtbare)

Director: Christian Schwochow, colour, 113 min., 2011

Awards: Ecumenical Jury Award & Best Actress Karlovy Vary 2011, Best Film Bozen 2012, German Film Award 2012 (Best Supporting Actress)

"You're invisible!" Can there be a worse judgment for an actress? Young Josephine definitely lacks self-confidence, but when renowned director Kaspar Friedmann appears at the acting school and casts her for her first main role, nobody understands his motivation, least of all Josephine herself. The character to play is "Camille", quite different to herself, but Josephine wants to come as close as possible in this role. As Camille, she awakens to her femininity, but loses her own strengths in dealing with her everyday life because Camille is not only self-conscious and sexually hyperactive, but at the same time also fragile and self-destructive. Josephine puts herself into the hands of a director who sends her on an emotional roller coaster ride. A dangerous game is set off, bound to turn Josephine into her own worst enemy…

First Show: Thursday, 22nd November at 21.00hrs

Second Show: Sunday, 25th November at 19.00hrs

Stopped on Track (12)           

(Halt auf freier Strecke)

Director: Andreas Dresen, colour, 110 min., 2010-2011

Awards: Prix du Un Certain Regard Cannes 2011, 3 Bavaria Film Prizes 2011, German Film Award 2012 (Gold: Best Film, Best Director, Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actor)

Forty-year old healthy Frank has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and is suddenly condemned to only a few months to live. It's a shock to a life seemingly on track with a steady job and a new house in the suburbs. But together, Frank and his family push through with their daily life of work and school. Frank tries to cope with the difficulty of accepting the inevitable: increasing symptoms of the illness and medical treatment. He uses his IPhone as a kind of emotional diary. The decision to home care Frank puts an immense strain on loving Simone and ends up distancing the family members, as much as it keeps them together. A story about death that celebrates life.

Venue: St James Cavalier, Valletta

Friday, 23rd November at 21.00hrs (0ne showing only!)

Winter's Daughter (PG)     


Director: Johannes Schmid, colour, 90 min., 2011

Awards: First Prize Live-Action Feature Film Chicago 2011, German Film Award 2012 (Best Children's Film)

On Christmas day, 12-year-old Kattaka finds out that her dad is not her biological father. Disappointed and angry over her parents’ long silence, she wants to search for Alexej, a Russian sailor, who once loved her mother. With her old neighbour and her best friend, Kattaka makes her way to Poland. Lene’s rickety minibus takes them to Szczecin, Gdansk and Masuria: a road movie in which a young girl and an old woman embark on a quest to clarify their past, to bridge the gap between generations and to rediscover themselves.

Sunday, 25th November at 17.00hrs

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