Film Stabilization

I was browsing around and found this interesting link by Andrew Kramer.

What Maltese people can learn from this tutorial?

In this video a RED Camera was used. For those who doesn't know a RED Camera is very expensive to buy and to handle. So I am going to talk about other stuff which is not that expensive.

First I am going to talk about the colour correction. As one can see the footage is all colour corrected. This will give a more film like experience. One can use Adobe After Effects for this achievement.

The dolly is another equipement which is very important. Although Andrew used a dolly he stablized the shot in editing.

I watched many maltese films where one tries to do a tracking shot but the final footage is still a bit shaky. To eliminate this problem one could make stabilization effect in editing. Example Avid and Adobe After Effects have an inbuild feature. But one can use more professional tools like Boujou or SteadyMovPro.

Here is an example