Film Industry Camera Cars

Cameras have always to adapt, and in doing so, highly specialist technology made high speed chase scenes or a low speed horseback rides more manageable using cars and trucks.

Usually wearing intimidating matte black paint (to reduce glare) these vehicles are often engineering wonders, employing after market performance upgrades, elaborate electronics, exotic materials and even gyro-stabilizers to keep a subject in frame. With companies like Pursuit Systems, AP Cam Cars and a handful of others fulfilling Hollywood’s high speed needs, the vehicles they create are rarely seen but hard to overlook.

Ckeck these out:

Dukes of Hazard

Dukes of Hazard







Deja Vu

Deja Vu








Off Road Camera

Off Road Camera Car








Herbie Movie Camera

Herbie Camera Car









World Fastest Indian

Worlds Fastest Indian








Source: Oobject