Drawing Inspiration


Directors Tim McCourt and Wesley Louis talk with MaltaFilmIcon about their short animation ‘Drawing Inspiration’ and future projects.


Short Title: Drawing Inspiration

Directed by Tim McCourt and Wesley Louis

Story by Steve Stamp

Written By Tim McCourt and Steve Stamp


Synopsis: A wino, resigned and stuck in his ways, finds mysterious sketches on the park bench that he visits every day. As these pictures stir his thoughts, he begins to notice the world around him and to reflect upon his own place within it. He meets a young boy whose innocent encouragement helps to release him from his self destructive social withdrawal and unlocks a part of his character that had been long forgotten.




1) How long did it take to complete this short?


Tim & Wes: Give or take a month here and there, around a year.


2) What's the real meaning behind this film?


Tim & Wes: The meaning of the story is that no one is beyond redemption. Its an attempt to show how focusing on positive and creative things can distract you from anti-social and negative behaviour. We also wanted people to feel that they can take inspiration from the world around them.


3) In your opinion what makes a screenplay good for film?


Tim & Wes: For us, it’s really just about having a good story.


4) As a director what do you look for in films?


Tim: I look for interesting stories that make me believe in what I’m being shown. Also good pacing, if the pacing is wrong it can make a film that is an hour and a half feel like 3 hours.


Wes: Things that raise consciousness and make you look at life in a different way; and once finished, make you feel a little bit smarter.


5) Can you share with us some of your experiences and limitations while working in films?


Tim: When making a film for as long as we were, there were so many experiences; lots of good ones and even more bad ones - too many to recall. Our limitations were mainly due to lack of money. The budget was relatively small, but enough for us to get by. We are extremely lucky to have had talented friends who were kind enough to donate some of their time and resources to the project.


Wes: Looking back now, it makes me wonder if we could have produced the same film had those difficulties not been there. And if we could have foreseen what we were up against, we might not have even considered making the film.


6) Do you think short movies or feature films are still an effective tool to send out messages to individuals/groups/societies?


Tim & Wes: Yes they are. Film making is all about manipulating your audience to evoke emotional responses. If you can touch someone emotionally, your message will resonate more clearly and have more impact.


7) Any future projects?

Tim & Wes: Yes there will be, but nothing solid is confirmed at the moment. We’ve both got a couple of ideas floating around.


Website: Tim McCourt messytimbo.blogspot.com, Wesley Louis http://librabear.blogspot.com/