Candour-Short Maltese

Malta Film Icon managed to do an interview with Sean Aquilina, an 18 year old Maltese student about his film Candour.


Watch Candour:



Who are you exactly?


    I'm Sean Aquilina an 18 year old student, my passion helps me living life from a different point of view and thus appreciating every single element which comes along. It's been about 6years I was introduced to the world of Film and I'm never bored, mainly because the spectrum is so complex that it's impossible to be good in all, not even in a lifetime. However having the will to succeed, helps much more to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. My dream is not to become a famous director; after all not every one who enjoys doing movies is a director, however my dream is to put our nation's name in a better production state where all producers will be able to produce good, professional productions. More than that it is my wish having the ability to work on foreign projects and experience the different point of view professional workers work with.


What really inspired you to make this movie?


    It's my character to help other people, and Candour; the movie was mainly done after that same purpose. It was late November 2009, the Christmas atmosphere was at its peak however we all know that not everyone is going to enjoy a warm Christmas. Knowing the fact that us Maltese are generous people, especially on the 26th of Decmeber; ie L-Istrina, I thought that I must do something. Unfortunately but happily enough my family is not a wealthy one so personally I couldn't just donate money as other people did. So I had to do something else, and this was the idea from which Candour originated. Unfortunately enough this clip wasn't shown on L-Istrina though, I was told that they were having trouble airing it.  


What's the real meaning behind this movie?   


    Being a film-maker I wanted to pass on a lesson, which is, it's not WHAT you donate but HOW you donate it that really counts, donating from the extra we have is not the aim.


Was any technical research carried out before starting this project?


    It's always a good idea to have a good base, and research is always a major task. However this time it had to be carried out in a very fast manner, mainly because we were lacking time. Candour was shot in 6hours over the same night, and edited in about 20hours the day after shooting. But it was a very good experience and it made me proud of producing a production with which I passed on a good message.


What was the final budget?


    Budgeting is the major problem, this short clip had a budget of 0 euros and ended up with the same amount. At that time I didn't own a personal camera, but thanks to the help of my friends, one of which Darryl, I was able to get some basic equipment and carry out this task. I am aware that there is a lot where to improve however I'm not shy to mention such facts. The lighting used in the movie is just flood-lights which we normally hang in our back-gardens, the dolly shot performed was actually done by the same wheel-chair shown in the same movie. After this note I would really like to give a special thanks to the residents who helped in offering their locations and even electricity, more than that I would really like to thank our family members for helping us as much as they could to produce this short production.


Any future projects?


    Yes :)!. This time it's a bigger and better plan, hopefully with a better outcome,mainly because we'll be using professional equipment and professional crew. Script is already in our hands so Pre-Production stage it is! However I can't reveal anything at the moment. Just to mention....budget is still the major problem! But we have to deal with that and perform the best we can!