Best DVD Authoring Tool

If you are a film maker, a DVD making software is a must. Up to this date, I’ haven’t encountered yet a festival which requests Blu-Ray discs. So if one shoots his footage in HD 1080p, one has to convert the data which is in 1920*1080 into a resolution of 720*576, without affecting the pixel aspect ratio.

A very famous DVD authoring tool is Adobe Encore. According to Wikipedia it’s been out there since 2003. Nowadays it comes with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Another DVD authoring tool is DVD Architect Pro. It’s developed by Sony and is compatible on windows. There are many others like Nero, Cyberlink, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, etc.

So, which one is the best?

I’ve never tested Final Cut but I’ve tested all the rest mentioned above. But in this review I am going to talk about Encore VS Architect since Nero and Cyberlink are more designed for amateurs.

Adobe Encore

For first time users it is very complicated to use. I had to watch tutorials to understand the integration between the buttons of Encore and Photoshop. There are problems in the integration as well. Sometimes, when one designs a button in Photoshop and later tests it into Encore, the colors won’t match. Also, sometimes when exporting the DVD and play it on famous players like VLC, the buttons will appear in black & white. Another major problem that I’ve personally encountered is that sometimes when transcoding into a DVD, the colors of the original footage are saturated and therefore the picture looks dull. The only positive thing I find in this software is that it is designed to handle complex menu systems.

Sony DVD Architect

For first time users it is very simple to use. One doesn’t need tutorials to handle this software. Buttons are very easy to use. The problem is that it is limited compared to Encore. For example, one couldn’t expend his full 

customization in menus. But it has the very best thing. In my tests, I’ve found out that when transcoding into DVD format, the video image is not saturated. It’s kept into its original digital color format.



So I suggest, short film makers out there to try Sony DVD Architect. I prefer to have a perfect picture, rather than fancy menu buttons that probably won’t work.