Amateur Films in Important Ways (3)

Being alone (as a film-maker) has its disadvantages, but the good news is you are not alone! Most of the famous Hollywood directors actually started on their own. Think Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and so many others. A myth, which still perpetuates today in the information-age, is filming with a number of crews will be crucial. Well, let me correct that…it will be a cinch for you.

Ineffective communication or lack of team unity can cause complications, especially when film-making requires team creativity to be further enhanced. Even if an individual is talented and does not need any colleagues, surely team work is still demanded to enrich ideas and transmit them into reality. However, lack of monetary and non-monetary resources, demands not only managerial qualities, but also requisites effective leadership skills; which first needs to be nurtured.

At first you need the luxury of time. You can choose to finish the film within a few days or if you want the film to develop on a grander scale you can film for a year or two. There’s no one to please, no deadline, no boss, only that you are limited by how far your imagination can sour. The decision rests merely on your shoulders.

You can be as ambitious as you want with your own film.