Amateur Films in Important Ways (2)

Sometimes the distinction that people make between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ film is directly linked to the level of formality that exists in the production process. “Filming is exclusively for the professionals.” Well, not so, that’s a misconception!

Amateurism is frequently misinterpreted and seen in a negative light. Its etymology comes from the Old French amateur, i.e. ‘lover of’. Oftentimes amateur film-makers are depicted to have a lower level of ability but although we should always acknowledge it, we all know that is not always the case. Looking at an amateur from a positive perspective I see pursuit, passion, commitment, and open-mindedness as a result of lack of formal training and financially disinterested manners.

Hi-tech gadgets, like more-than-ever portable and digital cameras, totally mitigated the idea that film-making is exclusively for the professionals. Film-making is being recognised as a wonderful skill to develop. Within few clicks all kinds of tutorials can be watched, and all kinds of people can be reached for those who don’t have an experience.